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Frequently Asked Questions 
(specifically for wedding photography)


1. What is your photography style?

Cazeil Creative shoots a combination of natural light and photojournalistic style of photography. We capture images that tell the whole story of your day as it unfolds.


2. How does your pricing work?

We have a base price and then you can add on your choice of extrasPlease contact us for details.


3. How many hours are included?

There is no limit to the hours we spend with you. From the moment you start your preparation with hair and make-up to when you leave the reception (or any time in-between at your request) we will be there for you.

4. Do you require a schedule for the day?

Yes, we ask that you supply a detailed list of the schedule to ensure we have all the timing and location details.


5. Do you have a second shooter?

Yes. The second shooter covers the boys prep and will capture different angles of the ceremony. This second shooter is at no additional cost to you.


6. How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding day?

Cazeil Creative will only commit to one wedding per day.


7. What will you and your second shooter wear on the day?

Cazeil Creative have a corporate uniform, which is completely black with our logo on our shirts. This ensures we are as inconspicuous as possible.


8. Have you ever photographed at my venue?

If we have not had the opportunity to shoot at your particular venue previously, we will endeavour to undertake full research to understand the location and its unique characteristics.


9. Do you use a flash?

The only time artificial lighting would be used is in extreme low light conditions.


10. Can I request specific images of the day?

Absolutely! The more concepts we have of the images you want, the better we are prepared for the day.


11. How many images would I expect to receive from my wedding?

There is no strict number of images although the average number of fully edited images for a wedding is approximately 600. Each wedding is unique therefore each wedding will result in a different number of images. We will ensure your entire story is told through the images supplied.


12. How long before I receive my images?

Generally, the photos will be ready four weeks after the wedding. If there is a delay for any reason, Cazeil Creative will contact you with an approximate timeframe. The completed images will be posted to you on a USB stick once completed.


13. Will you use our images in advertising, internet and/or social media?

Yes, but only with your permission as detailed in the contract. If you would prefer that we not use your images, you need to advise us prior to the day of your wedding.

14. Do you supply prints of the images? 

We do not supply prints. All of our images are produced print ready and at the highest resolution possible to allow you to source prints of your own choice.  


15. If we include a photo book, how many pages will this contain and how do you determine what images and layout are chosen?

There are no set number of pages in our photo books, though the average number of pages is 100-120. We will create a draft and send you a PDF to peruse and will change any images as requested. This process can take a considerable time and, once signed off by you, the publication can take approximately 4 weeks for delivery. You can order additional books (at your expense) whether regular (approximately A4 size) or small (approximately A5 size). 


16. Do you charge extra for travel expenses?

Our travel costs for anywhere in NSW are included in the quote provided. The only exception to would be travel either interstate or overseas where we would negotiate with you regarding this cost.


17. Do you have restrictions on locations (rural NSW, interstate, overseas)?

No. We travel anywhere.


18. Do you require meals to be provided?

We will cater for our own lunch (if lunchtime falls in the preparation time) but we do ask that meals are provided for the two photographers during the reception. We do not expect to be seated with your other guests but ask for a table and 2 chairs in a corner of the room.


19. What is meant by ‘Location Portrait Photography’?

Location Portrait Photography is the site for the formal shots between the ceremony and the reception (this usually only involves the wedding party and not your extended family). This can be in any location chosen by you. Please consider the distance from both the ceremony venue and the reception venue to ensure there is sufficient time for the shoot (usually 1 hour duration).


20. Do you charge extra for any communications (emails, phone calls etc.)?

No. All communication is included in our rates. The more information we have, the better service we can deliver.


21. What is your contingency plan if you fall ill or cannot shoot my wedding for any other reason?

We will endeavour to source another photographer for you, understanding that their style would be different to ours. If you prefer, we will refund the whole amount paid to allow you to engage another photographer.


22. What contingency plan do you have regarding your equipment?

Each shooter has two camera bodies, additional lenses, additional batteries and additional memory cards on hand. Therefore, if there is a failure (which, to date, has never happened) we have the ability to continue shooting.

23. Do you require a contract to be signed?

Yes. This is to ensure Cazeil Creative and you have no misunderstandings as to the services we provide. 

24. When are payments due?

The 10% deposit is due 10 days after signing the agreement, and the balance is due two days before the wedding. We are flexible with this arrangement. If you prefer, you can pay by instalments.

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